Kind words from managers, partners and my team.

“Mitch is great advocate of design culture and model people manager. He can articulate a clear vision and tells the story of the effort. Both partners and his directs always refer to him as a diligent collaborator. He is one of the most tuned in people managers I’ve had the pleasure of working with; Always keeping focus on team’s contribution, he makes people feel visible and valued. In the time we worked together, I witnessed him increasing his own scope and building excitement for others to explore new opportunities. His engagement and leadership was transformative for those he managed, keeping them focused and inspired to tackle challenging situations. He also has a clear sense of ownership, connecting company mission to the specific tasks at hand, and facilitating an effective approach or solution. Mitch is a customer focused leader who is completely at ease with ambiguity, someone you want leading a design team.”

- Faz Besharatian, managed me directly at Fannie Mae

“Mitch is a people-first manager, who has an extraordinary ability to turn a group into a cooperative, supportive, and successful team. He focuses on our energy and capacity, and provides opportunities to support and celebrate each other. He personalizes our teammates and stakeholders through building genuine connections based on authenticity and kindness – you can tell he really cares about the person. This builds a culture of positive energy and loyalty. Work can be dry sometimes, but working with Mitch inspires enthusiasm and commitment, and makes even tedious tasks fun. He sometimes pushes me out of my comfort zone, by using delegation as a method to build my performance and confidence. He delegates in a way that sends a message of trust and respect. He makes sure I have the tools, resources, and support to successfully complete tasks. His attitude has forced me to grow, and makes me feel like our team can achieve anything and build an amazing experience.”

- Kiah Guilford, Design Lead at Travelers

“Mitch is the epitome of a people manager, focusing on the well-being of his people first and then on the work. His superpower is helping his team realize their full potential, and his results speak for themselves. He takes a hands-on approach to manage his team's work but never oversteps or micromanages. Mitch does an exceptional job recognizing the team’s accomplishments, always has his team's back, and expresses appreciation. Mitch encourages the team to think bigger and is always creating opportunities to fulfill those opportunities. He remembers what’s important to each employee and works with each person to develop the individual's skill sets to align with personal goals while also exceeding the company's performance metrics.”

- Erica Manrique, Design Lead at Fannie Mae

“It’s a rarity to have a manager who serves as both your mentor and your sponsor, to support you as you grow in your career, while also coaching you on how to navigate the workplace. I worked on Mitch’s team at Fannie Mae and he was hands down, the best manager I had during my tenure there. Mitch has described himself as a servant leader which I found to be absolutely true. He’s the kind of leader who instills trust in his people, challenges those who work alongside him, and supports his team every step of the way. He is a fantastic listener, an empathetic colleague, and overall, just a really pleasant dude to work with. As a leader in design, he always thinks of the greater impact of what he and his teams create, which is the true hallmark of a design thinker. He is skilled at thoughtfully providing constructive feedback to help teams to design best in class products.”

- Laura Lopez, UX Writer at Spotify

“Mitch has the ability to boil down complex issues into easy to understand components. He’s adapt at targeting and delivering mutual benefit for Fannie Mae and the customer”

- Michelle Watson, Product Director at Fannie Mae

“Mitch was an integral part in helping get the design work of a new web app we were building off the ground. He was able to balance managing a team of designers while contributing directly to the project as well. I came to rely on Mitch's perspective not just from a visual aspect, but from a UX and design theory principle as well. I really enjoyed working with Mitch on our app and I would greatly appreciate the chance to partner with him in future endeavors”

- Chris Viscito, Product Manager at Capital One

“Mitch has an eye for detail that you do not easily find. Mitch collaborated with me extensively to guide the design process from concept to delivery on a completely new, first-of-a-kind application. Mitch dug deeply into the domain space as well as brought forward some best practices from his prior experiences (which sped the process). Mitch was also adept at managing the prioritization process for the design group overall, helping to ensure that work got done by the right person in the right priority order. Lastly, Mitch is a guy you just enjoy working around since he's got a great sense of humor and is always available to try and help out at a moment's notice.”

- Stephen Dion, Sr. Director Data Analytics at Optum